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More than just a word

Integrious is just a word, but it is a word that can represent so much more.  By giving integrity an adjective we are able to make it more relatable and attainable. By giving integrity an adjective we can work towards clarifying the meaning in a personal sense. Integrious, as the adjective for integrity can then be “having or characterized by integrity”, but it can also be known in a more personal sense as {Integrious: the condition of consistently “being” authentic and “living” in accordance with your values}. It symbolizes a movement towards us as individuals “owning” our integrity. It means that we live up to our standards, as we have set them, not society’s or anyone else’s. It places a new value on independent thinking and granting the approval and acceptance we so badly need to be ourselves, instead of the need to earn it from others.

The acceptance of this word will put a new focus on integrity, both what it means philosophically and to each person individually. If people understood more about personal integrity and its power to positively impact their lives and the people around them the virtue would hold more value. One must discover their own unique integrity as it relates to their core self and core values. Once we are able to become consciously aware of it, we can become and live integrious.

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Why words matter

“Here’s something we’ve forgotten that poets, shamans, healers, and sorcerers (a healer’s dark opposite) have known for millennia: words matter. The power of a curse and a blessing—and the difference between the two—is contained in the words that transmit them. Words are the servants of vision, and vision is the essential ingredient in everything humans have ever created or accomplished, good or bad. It is impossible to build a bridge across a canyon, for instance, without first seeing it in your mind. Words are the machinery that move the picture from the realm of pure, solitary dream to objective reality.” Alan Wartes

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